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The Era Of Trump: The U.S. Economy Predicted Will Collapse

Washington (Benchmark News) -President Donald John Trump, economy of the United States (US) predicted would be weak and collapsed. All because of an alarming Trumpnomics all over the world.

This analysis presented the former Texas Congressman and former presidential candidate, Ron Paul, as reported by CNBC from Sunday(22/1/2017).

The most crucial thing is, critics Trump very believed economic policy from the King’s property and the Casino, would sink the U.S. economy. Ultimately, the US central bank, the Fed should intervene to improve it. “With the increased budget heavily in the infrastructure and the military, I think it would be a lot more spending,” said Paul.

“Debt of the State feared would widen. (And) I think, the country will hit the Federal Reserve or central bank to raise rates soon, “Frank Paul.

Paul also says, it is likely this time, Americans feel that is easy. However, the later would come the difficult era of era-a challenge for the Government of Trump.

Although most businessmen on Wall Street is optimistic with the short-term economic prospects, a number of economists do not agree with the draft policy Trump in the fiscal sector.

The criticism Paul presented David Stockman, former President Reagan-era budget Chief, calling Trump policy will eventually trigger a financial catastrophe.

Just information alone, since the beginning, Paul had already refused to support Trump. Where, Trump managed to divide the Republican party.

Paul said, Trump could potentially do the lies the question of border taxes. Where border taxes, high as the proposed Trump would turn off free trade.

And Paul sinyalemen, proved to be true. The President’s State of the Union speech when Trump on Friday (20/1/2017), trading volume to SAG drastically…(Red).

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