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EBA-SP 1 trillion Rupiah Bank BTN Effective late October 2016

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – PT Bank Tabungan Negara Tbk. estimated non-conventional funding instrument with EBA-SP worth Rp1 trillion will effectively receive the signal the financial services authority at the end of October 2016.

Iman Nugraha Soeko, Director of the State Savings Bank, said of PT Sarana Multi Finance estimates the EBA-SP company can get effective statement from the financial services authority (OJK) obtained at the end of this month.

“Most recently began listing our EBA-SP in the Indonesia stock exchange (BEI) in early November 2016.0” he said to

Instrument EBA-SP became one of the non-conventional funding pipeline to support the distribution of bank credit with code BBTN issuers, notably program one million homes.

Previously, the company is planning a gathering together non-conventional funding around Rp10 trillion the Rp3 trillion, the breakdown of Rp3 trillion of bonds, NCD, Rp3 trillion of bilateral loans, and the rest of the EBA-SP.

For bonds, the company already publishes in August 2016 totaling Rp3 trillion, while the NCD in total this year is already worth Rp1,85 trillion, which was published in June 1999 and August 2016…(Red)

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