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Earnings Thrust Issuers Strengthening Flagship JCI, 8 Stocks Offered

Jakarta (Benchmark News) -In trading Thursday (13/10/1999), the rate of the composite stock price Index (IHSG) rose in the range of potential predicted 5.336-5.488. Eight stocks ever presented.

William Surya Wijaya of the Research Department for PT Asjaya Indosurya Securities said, the potential gain of JCI came from sentimental factors, i.e. will the coming release of the performance of the issuer for the quarter III-2016. The issuers will report alerts you of a financial quarter III from October 2016.

This Thursday, JCI potentially strengthened. The potential strengthening of the patterns of motion in JCI still looks quite large. Release of Q3 issuers performance will be coloring moved JCI fluctuation still in the middle of commodity prices and exchange rates, “he said in Jakarta, Wednesday (12/10/1999).

According to him, the markets respond to the rate of the rupiah exchange rate against the U.S. dollar so that stock indexes look was trying to strengthen but were still in a limited category. While in the condition of the economy still looks stable so that in the long term pattern of JCI were still in an uptrend.

“Therefore, the momentum is reasonable correction do not miss to do the accumulated purchase with measurable risk,” explained him.

On top of that, he recommends a stock can be convenient 8 the financiers, namely:









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