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Cement Baturaja Stocks Right Back

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Stock exchange authority to enable more trade shares of PT Semen Balfour Tbk (SMBR) began trading session on Monday (09/05/2016).

Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) has previously been temporarily suspend trading of PT SMBR on Friday (02/09/2016). So quoting the disclosure of information on the Stock Exchange, last weekend.

The temporary suspension to allow time for investors to consider investing in the stock SMBR decision. Because BEI has overseen an increase in the share price since August 3, 2016 SMBR.

At that time, BEI assess SMBR shares rise out of habit or Unusual Market Activity or UMA. SMBR shares per 1 August at the price of Rp900 per share. At the close of July 2 and August 3 was already in the price of Rp1,125 per share.

From IDX data, information about the SMBR per August 1, 2016 on the delivery of public expose material. SMBR said that the company posted revenue of Rp651,93 billion in the first half of 2016, an increase over the same period last year Rp635,23 billion.

While the performance of comprehensive income in the first half of the current year amounted to Rp102,91 billion, while last year in the same period was recorded Rp168,07 billion.

Before suspended or at the close of August 30, the stock price SMBR at Rp1.555 per lember from the opening level at Rp1.550 per share. SMBR shares on January 4 closing price was at Rp288 per share, as the lowest price in the year 2016.

SMBR shareholders include the government amounted to 76.24 percent and 23.7 percent of society. (Red)

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