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Bumi Resources of coal Production Targets 85 million tons

New York (Benchmark News) – Bakrie Group-owned mining issuers, PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI) is targeting production of coal in the year reached 85 million tons. Director Corporate Secretary PT Bumi Resources Tbk. Dileep Srivastava said the price of coal has increased from US $ 50 per ton to US $ 70 per ton since the beginning of the year.

Bumi Resources of coal Production Targets 85 million tonsThe increase had been achieved over 40%. Issuers belonging to Group G the Bumi coded target coal production this year will increase thin 2.4% to 85 million tons from last year’s 83 million tons. ” It is not possible to predict the long-term trend of coal prices, but we thought if heavy rain continues, the price of coal will continue to surge at least until the next dry season, “said he to, Monday (26/9/2016).

This year, the Bumi may have budgeted capital expenditures (capital expenditure/Capex) worth US $ 50 million. Middle Bumi complete a debt restructuring of the company’s owned by creditors. In the financial statements of the Bumi Resources in quarter III/2015, a long-term loan that matures in a year reached US $ 3.63-billion, surged thin 1.42% from the end of the previous year totaling US $ 3.58 billion. Convertible bonds are not experiencing the changes reach US $ 375 million.

Earth Resources listed have no long term loans, maturing due in a year’s time. The total liability of Earth Resources reaches US $ 5.79 billion per 30 September 2015, up 8.4% from the end of the previous year’s US $ 5.34 billion…(Red)

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