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Budiarsa Sastrawinata : Bringing Together The Experience And The Confidence of The Market

Great on the field made him rich experience. Market confidence is the key to success in running the business.

Life is a journey. In the course of such a process and learning. That’s what Budiarsa Sastrawinata is felt, by President Director of PT Ciputra Residence. The first time a career in industrial property at project start Budiarsa CitraGarden City. Budiarsa is the husband of Rina Ciputra which is the first child of Ciputra, of icons property business Upon returning from abroad, the Ciputra Group provide a space for her children to plunge in property business.

Lucky confesses himself began his career in the property when the project started so much knowledge he obtained. Ciputra provides a great learning process that are currently absorbed and became the capital of PT Ciputra Residence in controlling who is Holding I of Ciputra Group.

According to Budiarsa it was in 1981, Ciputra visionary saw the potential in the far West Jakarta precisely the area of Cengkareng. For the moment it’s not Budiarsa makes sense because the location of the land are still estranged. But her wake, Ciputra the time far into the future. The current proven CitraGarden City became one of the icons of the region because of the breadth of cengkareng had transformed into 500 acres with the concept of the scale of the city.

The man who was born in 1955 in its action, started this project CitraGarden City and Bintaro Jaya who also owned Ciputra along with his partners. Budiarsa is getting mature and her most important part in the project is developed together with the consortium partner Sinarmas Ciputra BSD City, formerly known as BSD (Bumi Serpong Damai). Full of engaging himself early in this prestigious projects in 1983.

The various experiences he obtained, but there is one thing that still made an impression in her and very memorable. Budiarsa storytelling, there are some great experience but that sometimes makes me smile when remember it was when I went to the Palm Beach Florida to meet world champion 18 times world (world major championship) at the same time the best golf course designer, Jack William Nicklaus. “I came to see Jack in 1987. I originally met her vice president but was denied. I came again, again rejected. I’m not desperate, I came again, and finally get to meet directly with Jack Nicklaus, “he explained.

The thing that makes him always remembered with such experience was his departure to the United States when it was accompanied by wife, Rina Ciputra, with three of the four child. Where the trio is still small. And they are waiting for me in Hawaii, while I traveled to Florida for days and to the headquarters of Jack william Nicklaus. Finally bear fruit sweet, Jack else cooperates to design golf courses in BSD which is the demand of the Ciputra golf course in order to be of value and have value.

With his experience more then no wonder Budiarsa bring Ciputra Residence as a top-tier developers who have developed many projects in various cities with different concepts and always responded positively by the market. The company focuses on the development of the scale of the city as well as mixed-use development.

The projects range from CitraGrand City of Palembang, Jambi, CitraRaya City CitraGarden BMW Cilegon, CitraGarden variety of Pontianak, CitraLake Sawangan, CitraGarden City of Malang, CitraLake Suite and the image of one of the Towers. And a new town project abroad Hanoi (Viet Nam), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), and Shenyang (China). So the total development area in Indonesia and abroad reached luasannya 6,200 acres. This performance was achieved not because of the proximity factor but because of the effort and hard work … (Red)

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