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Bond Market Still Depressed In The Short Term

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Indomitra Securities predict the bond market will still be depressed in the short term.

The Family Was Nico Demus. L, Head of Fixed Income Division PT Indomitra Securities said the Fed’s Rate hike potential in December later increased to 94%. Not only in meeting the potential increment of December, almost going in every FOMC meeting.

Such sentiments give influence to the bond market Indonesia. Up to 14 November, the share of Foreigners have shrunk into 38.1% or decreased as much as 0.3% in the span of 2 weeks.

“This certainly will still weighs on bond market, but only in the short term,” he said in research

Meanwhile, in the medium to long, capital inflow is still very likely to occur.

She recommends buying today, because the bond market is starting to show the direction of the technical basis strengthening…(Red)

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