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The Bond Market Was A Magnet For BRI

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Performance (BBRI) are pleasantly ranum will further bond sales for directing Rp7 trillion worth. Publishing it identified would run out off the market.

Analyst Pefindo Hendro Utomo says, BRI as red plates bank proves sustainable business performance. With this who will publish advanced bonds, the market will respond favorably.

“Indeed, bonds BRI always gets AAA, but for which bonds advanced, I haven’t been able to answer rating, therefore there is a grasp of his analysis. Live waiting for the prospectus, was out or not, “he said in Jakarta, Sunday (8/10/2016)

According to him, the BRI one Government-owned banking which had the task of financing to the more dominant societies into the countryside.

Never mind BRI had responsibility for smooth business credit program (KUR) which was initiated by the Government. Even as the bank BRI, which became contracting KUR with the greatest amount of value. This year, BRI targets the channeling KUR Rp 67.5 trillion.

“BRI as a retailer of KUR, we believe the issuance of Treasury bonds gained support from the Government. The existence of the Government’s role will be very significantly to BRI, “he said

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