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BKPM : Maritime investment potential US$1,2 Trilion

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – The Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) mentions the investment potential in the maritime sector reached US $ 1.2 trillion.

On its great potential and in line with the objective of realizing the vision axis of the maritime world, Indonesia invited Taiwan investors to participate in investment in the sector in a seminar on Prospects for Governance and Maritime Cooperation between Indonesia and Taiwan.

“The economic potential of the maritime sector based on the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJMN) was approximately US $ 1.2 trillion and it is still the potential, still continues to rise,” said Director of Agribusiness Investment Planning and Natural Resources BKPM Hanung Harima Rachman in Jakarta, Tuesday (6 / 9/2016).

According to Hanung, investment potential that can be worked in the maritime sector range from logistics, oil and gas in the deep ocean, fish processing to shipbuilding and tourism.

Taiwan itself, he added, is one of the foreign investors who regularly invest in the country. However, the maritime sector is still not in demand by investors from the region.

“Investment in Taiwan that many industrial metals, cement and electronic equipment. It is still not a lot of investment in maritime. So this time introduced the potential for investment in this sector,” he said.

Hanung added that the investment of Taiwan is important for Indonesia is heading towards a phase of industrialization. Taiwan itself, known strong in the industry because it has the technology capable.

“Taiwan is interesting because he is strong in the industry, while we do want industrialization, also strong in technology. So it fits in well because we want to develop maritime technology base,” he said.

Executive Director of the Indonesian Council on World Affairs (ICWA) Ibrahim Yusuf assess potential investment from Taiwan tilled because it is one area that has huge capital to assist development in the country.

Taiwan itself, under the new administration of President Tsai Ing-wen middle enact policies “southbound” in which the region aggressively to diversify investments into Southeast Asia.

“Great Potential Indonesia as a maritime country is what they want to develop. Indonesia, on the other hand, also see it as an effort to increase investment,” he explained. (Red)

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