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BKPM investment permit clearance of service 3 hours

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – The Indonesian Government through the BKPM is ready to facilitate the tax amnesty which participants will use their assets to conduct direct investment or foreign direct investment (FDI) in Indonesia, “he said in a written statement in Jakarta, Tuesday (09/13/2016) .

Thomas said investment of participants tax amnesty contribute positively to the achievement of national investment. “Under the direction of President Joko Widodo, we (BKPM) will undertake active measures to support the achievement of tax amnesty through various improvements to ease investment services intended for participants of tax amnesty,” explains Thomas.

With facilitate investment, BKPM has given investment clearance services 3 hour tax amnesty for participants who want to use their assets to invest directly in investment services Indonesia. With 3 hours is the main requirement for investment worth over USD 100 billion and employ 1,000 workers work will be waived for participants of tax amnesty. “for tax amnesty participants can take advantage of the investment service 3 hours, regardless of the limits the value of investments and the number of their employees,” he said.

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