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BEI: emission of Bonds until November Reaches 102 Trillion

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Indonesia stock exchange (idx) notes the total value of the emissions of corporate bonds since the beginning of 2016 until November 25, it reached Rp 102 trillion.

Head of Communication Division of BEI Yulianto Aji, among in a press release here on Monday (28/11), suggests that the value of corporate bonds consisting of bonds, sukuk, and asset-backed securities (EBA) was published through 70 emissions by 47 issuers.

“The achievement of emission values in 2016 exceeded the total emission of bonds, sukuk corporate and EBA noted throughout the year 2015 i.e. Rp 62.75 trillion through 55 issued by emission 28 issuers,” he explained.

According to him, the total value of the emissions of corporate bonds, sukuk, and EBA were most likely still will grow by the end of the year 2016. All this week or period from 21-25 November 2016, three corporate bonds have been listed on the BEI.

He mentioned the Ongoing Multi Means I Bonds Infrastructure phase I with a nominal value of 2016 Rp5 trillion. And, the Bonds I Angkasa Pura I 2016 emission value of Idr 2.5 trillion and Sukuk Ijarah I Angkasa Pura I 2016 valued at Rp 500 billion.

By logging Corporation bonds, continued he, then the total emission of bonds and sukuk listed on the BEI totaled 315 emissions with the outstanding nominal value of Rp 313.44 trillion and 20 million u.s. dollars, was published by 105 issuers…(Red)

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