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Banking Industry Predicted margin will be Depressed

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – The banking industry will face pressure on net interest margin (net interest margin/NIM) in the next year. In the last five years the banking industry successfully raise NIM from level 4% towards 6%.

Banking Industry Net interest margin pressure on in the next year can be compensated when backup costs (provision) consistent recording improvements and fixes the conditions operasinal in the long run. Income is a component that is most sensitive to the pressure, because the ratio of NIM plays the 75% on income.

BCA Securities analyst Igor Nyoman Putra renders in research, the pressure on NIM will have an effect on the team. He’s banking industry will mitigate the NIM dropped to 32 basis points (bps) in 2017-2018, compared with expectations that could down 22 bps annually.

He reveals things which are often debated by large banks i.e., difficulty in maintaining or growing the interest rates of deposits, for a large bank deposit rates are lower than small banks. Despite the large bank group has concerns, he said, the condition is not a major effect conferring.

“The high deposit rates offered a small bank group will not survive long term. NIM small banks will also be depleted, they will be less competitive than mortgage interest, “she wrote in a recent research.

Statistics Indonesia Banking financial service Authority (SPI OJK) records the ratio of NIM banking industry in July 2016 reaches + 5.59%. As a comparison, the ratio of NIM at the end of 2015, 2014, 2013 and 2012 respectively 5,39%, 4.23%, 4.89% and of 5,49%.

Based on the bank’s general business activities (book), the ratio of NIM on group book 1 in July 2016 reached 6.19%, book 2 up to 5%, with the ratio of book 3 and book 4 4.72% records the highest of all groups of NIM i.e. 6.48%.

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