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Bank KEB HANA Indonesia Publish Bonds US $50 million

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – PT Bank KEB HANA Indonesia issued the bond in rupiah currency and the dollar. Rupiah is shot of Rp800 billion dollars and as much as US $50 million.

Lee Hwa Soo, President Director of Bank KEB HANA Indonesia says, the issuance of bonds got support from HANA Financial Group as the holder of the controller.

“We get results ranked AA bonds for rupiah currency and dollars, for each instrument, of Fitch Ratings,” he said in Jakarta, Monday (21/12/2016).

But for the long term, according to him, in the rankings get AAA and international long-term foreign currency BBB rating, which is higher than the sovereign rating of BBB, namely Indonesia.

He says, bonds subordinated rupiah and dollars, offered with the value 100% of the principal amount of bonds of subordination. The unit of trading of bonds amounting to Rp5 million rupiah or multiply units and subordinated bonds are trading the dollar of US $500 or multiply.

He explains, subordinated bonds period rupiah and dollar, each timed 7 years from the date of emission. The second of these bond interest payments, will be paid quarterly in accordance with the date of interest payment on bonds subordinated the rupiah and the dollar. Subordinated bond interest payments in rupiah and dollar will first be conducted on March 21, 2017, while the latter at once is due on December 21, 2023.

As for the lifetime of a quote, he says will start since December 15, 2016 until December 15, 2016. While recording in the Indonesia stock exchange on December 22, 2016.

He added, plan the use of bonds to strengthen its capital structure and credit expansion. “The rates at which the currency of rupiah 7 years in level 9.5% to 10.5% and currency dollar in level 5.05% to 6.05%,” explained him…(Red)

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