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Bank BTN Achieved Ranked First Annual Report in OJK Award

Bank BTN Achieved Ranked First Annual Report in OJK AwardJakarta (Benchmark News) – Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk was selected as a champion I Annual Report Award (ARA) 2015 organized the financial services authority (OJK), Bank Indonesia, the Ministry of finance and several other financial institutions. Bank BTN set as champion ARA 2015 for category financial SOES listed.

Ceo Bank BTN Maryono directly receive the award presented by the Coordinating Minister for the economy of Darmin Nasution in Jakarta Tuesday night (27/9).

Director of BTN Maryono explains to get ranked first, it has implemented several strategies against his company to be the best in terms of financial reporting. This is also because previous BTN also never get the champion while the FIG 2010 Champion so the company stayed doing repair and improvement in their report. “The strategy of BTN to become number one, of course, is to improve the quality of openness, including in this case the increased implementation of good corporate governance (GCG),” said Maryono.

ARA 2015 according to him is an appreciation for the company from the Government and institutions linked to the field of finance. 2015 BTN entered ranked 3 of 9 participants for the same category of financial SOES listed. While in General at the time of entry of the 27th ranked BTN 276 participants FIG. Year 2016 we prove that the BTN can become better and champion ARA 2015.

“We will continue to focus to do a performance improvement company simultaneously increased the reporting in the framework of openness so that how 2017 Bank BTN can be awarded better again,” he said.

According to Maryono, the first stage of this not 2015 FIG regardless of the achievement of performance Bank BTN. “We’ve entered into the best movement, this was the reason for us to how to convey maximum information disclosure in more top performance results BTN. With the attainment of which has been achieved, it will continue to improve the performance of their financial performance, to provide an attractive yield to investors. Credit growth and profit increases, the increase of trust of the institutions listed, we gained confidence. We woke up this best to be able to compete in international institutions, “said Maryono.

Based on the performance of the BTN first 2016 the company’s net profit increased by 25.40% to Rp1,042 trillion from Rp 831 billion in the same period a year earlier. Credit channeled BTN grow 18.39% from Rp126,125 trillion in 2015 be amounting to Rp149,316 trillion.

Bad debt ratio (NPL) BTN down from 4.70% by 2015 be 3.41% by 2016. While the capital adequacy ratio (CAR) BTN is increasing is better to be 22,07%. Third party Fund increasing BTN 17.29% to Rp134,555 trillion from the year 2015 which amounted to Rp114,749 trillion. And Asset BTN increased to Rp189,513 trillion or grew 21.52% of positions by 2015 which amounted to Rp155,952 trillion. (Red)

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