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Astra’s investments in the Highway sector

PT Astratel Nusantara Karawaci-subsidiary PT Astra International Tbk (ASII) engaged in infrastructure development assess the toll road is still an attractive investment, even not long ago taking part ownership in tol Cikampek-Palimanan stone.

“Last take ownership of 18 percent shares in PT Lintas Marga Sedaya Manager Cipali toll road, thus there are already six toll roads we manage”, said Director of Astratel, Wiwiek d. Santoso in Karawaci, Tangerang Regency, Thursday (19/1/2017).

Astratel has 79.3 percent of PT Marga Mandalasakti Tangerang-Merak toll road Manager, 95 percent of PT Marga Harjaya Infrastructure Manager-Mojokerto toll Jombang, 40 percent Marga Trans Nusantara Kunciran-Serpong toll road Manager.

Next 25 percent of PT Trans Marga Jateng Semarang-Kertosono toll Manager, 25 percent of PT Trans Earth Serbaraja Serpong-Balaraja toll road Manager, and 18 percent in the cross-Clan Sedaya Cikampek-Palimanan stone toll Manager.

Even 100 percent publicly Astratel owned by PT Astra International Tbk plans to increase ownership over PT Lintas Marga Sedaya up to 22.3 percent, said Wiwiek.

Wiwiek Astratel said, up to this time had been managing all the 344.8 kilometers of toll roads, 500 kilometers of the target can be achieved in the year 2020.

“This form of our seriousness in contributing to the development of the countries of Indonesia, according to the philosophy of parent undertakings belong to a homeland and are beneficial to the nation,” said Wiwiek.

Wiwiek said, declaring its readiness to support the Astratel acceleration of infrastructure development including the construction of toll roads, which became the priority of the Government of President Joko Widodo.

While the Director of Bina Marga Ditjen road construction Ministry of public works, Achmad Ghazaly Gani said, the construction of the toll road presently prioritized to provide support to such a multimoda transport system of trains, planes, and ships.

Some toll roads are prepared to support the acceleration of the toll of the sea becomes a government infrastructure development programme, clearly Signed.

Gani said the Central Government, as well as the region prepared to liberate the land of toll road a priority while the construction was handed over to a consortium of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES as well as to the private sector.

Gani estimate as many as 30 percent of the development of toll roads in Indonesia will be diserahakn to the private sector.

According to the former Chairman of toll road Regulator (BPJT), need the funds Rp723 1,851 trillion for the realization of a new toll road kilometers across Indonesia up to 2019, and maybe if the Government handed over completely.

In order to minimize the risk to investors of toll roads, Gani explains the current Government already has two STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES in the field of infrastructure, namely PT Sarana Multi infrastructure ready to provide bailouts land acquisition as well as PT Indonesia Infrastructure to guarantee the specified rates if not able to cover the cost of investment incurred.

“The certainty of this certainty – making investments in toll roads become attractive for the private sector,” said Gani…(Red).

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