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Alex j. Sinaga, A Dream To Make Telkom As a King of Digital Industry

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Not overboard if Alex J. Sinaga touted as one of the telecommunications in Indonesia. He was also an important figure behind the transformation of Telkomsel. Indeed before was elected as a Director of PT Telkom, Alex J. Sinaga for nearly three years (April to November 2012 – 2014) is the Ceo of Telkomsel.

In a relatively brief service, born in Tigabalata, 11 km of Dykes this Siantar, have implemented a strong foundation for the growth of Telkomsel amid the weakening of the industry and the rigors of fierce competitors. Unmitigated, during tenure as the number one operator that is identical to the color red, Alex Sinaga double digit growth is able to grab during three periods in a row.

Before the rise of the class became Ceo of PT Telkom, Telkomsel encouraging successful Sinaga Alex grabbed the profit of Rp 19.4 trillion or rose 11.9% for 2014. Of course, the achievement of double digit in the three periods is a credit, because all of the other mobile operators in the same period thus recorded negative performance, including the two closest competitors, Indosat and XL leisure group.

Inevitably those successes, making Alex Sinaga authoritative holds a higher position as the number one person in PT Telkom, starts November 2014. Alex Sinaga officially replaced the Aries Yahya, the mentor who also ride class became Minister of tourism.

As is the case when the lead in Telkomsel, Telkom Alex Sinaga matter directly speed running. Banana hopping bronze this time, no man is happy. Capital expenditures capex or in Telko directly he increase 25%-30% of the total revenue of Rp 2014 89.7 trillion. Thus, Telkom capex this year around Rp 10 Trillion – Rp 26.9 trillion.

Alex Sinaga said, 60% capex will be used for strengthening the infrastructure of mobile, 30% for strengthening broadband land and sea as well as the 10% for the child’s efforts. To fund capex, Telkom is planning on issuing bonds.

With that much capex, he dares to target a high tide. On mobile business, the company is targeting growth of Telkomsel via fixed double digits with support of mobile broadband. In a cable-based service, Telkom is targeted to become champion with a Fiber To The Home (FTTH) through IndiHome offering Triple Play (internet, phone and IPTV). While for backbone Telkom continues to strengthen Sea Cable Communications System (SKKL) which runs from Aceh to Papua.

With a full lineup, i.e. land, sea and air, Alex Sinaga optimistic able to make Telkom “King of Digital” at once as a respected player in the region with intermediate objectives in 2015 is able to achieve revenue of Rp 100 trillion and a market capitalization of up to Rp 300 trillion. (Red)

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