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Adhi Karya Predicted Profit Achieved Rp 301 Billion end of 2016

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – The State-owned construction Corporation, PT Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk., estimates the company’s net profit amounted to Rp301 billion at the end 2016 or lower as compared to the initial target Rp750 billion.

The decline in net profit target in line with the decline in sales targets be Rp11,44 trillion in 2016 compared to the initial target Rp20,05 trillion. New contract issuers coded stock ADHI was also estimated at only Rp17,9 trillion from Rp25,06 trillion throughout the initial plan 2016.

Adhi Karya Finance Director Harris Gunawan said the changes that target because there were delays in the work a number of projects in 2016. “There are projects on hold and retreat,” he said in a press conference, Thursday (November 24, 2016).

Until the quarter III/2016, Adhi Karya has pocketed Rp115,18 billion or a new contract was down 16% compared to Rp137,35 billion in the quarter III/2015. Quarter III/2016, Adhi Karya doubled the sales of Rp5,69 trillion or increased compared with Rp5,41 trillion in the quarter III/2015.

In the meantime, until the end of October 2016, Adhi Karya has pocketed a new contract Rp11,4 trillion. Thus, Adhi Karya need pocketed a contract of about Rp6,5 trillion in November and December 2016 in order to reach the target of contract Rp17,9 trillion.

Contributions per business line towards the acquisition of new contracts as of October 2016 is still dominated by the line of construction of 86.6% and the rest from other lines of business. Based on the segmentation of funding sources, the realization of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES it comes from the STATE BUDGET, or 39.7% GRANT 34.9% and 25.4% are private…(Red)

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