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2017 Performance Shares of Telkom brilliantly

Jakarta (Benchmark News) – Telkom stock performance can increasingly shine this year. It is inseparable from the trend of an increasingly dominant 2017 business shifting toward digital, so that will drive the profitability of companies in the telecom sector, particularly Telkom.

Such capital market watchers expressed from Padjadjaran University (Unpad), Aldrin Herwany. According to him, this year the company financial and non-financial sectors rely on telecommunications will support the transaction.

“In the banking sector, the growth of financial technology will become increasingly strong. While e-commerce will also be growing. As with other digital creative sectors of the economy, “said Aldrin, Monday (16/1/2017).

The condition that, according to him, will Toward the performance of telecommunications sector, no exception on the trading floor. He assesses the stock among all telecommunications stocks Telkom, the most recommended for collectible because it performs a very brilliant all 2016.

Last year issuers with the stock code TLKM becomes the owner of the largest market capitalizations for the telecommunications sector in Indonesia stock exchange (idx). Telkom also became the owner of the second largest market capitalization in the IDX overall after PT Hanjaya Mandala Sampoerna Tbk.

At the close of the 2016 Telkom recorded has a market capitalization of IDR 401.18 trillion, up 28.18% compared to when closing 2015 with a value of market capitalization of IDR 312.98 trillion.

Telkom’s market capitalization growth year on year (yoy) that goes far beyond the average composite stock price index (IHSG) which in that period grew 15.3%.

Trade data quoted from Indonesia stock exchange (idx) on December 30, 2016, Telkom’s shares closed at IDR 3,980 per sheet. This price rise than the position of 30 December 2015 worth IDR 3,105 per sheet.

Data collected, issuers like the closest recorded a market capitalization of IDT 35.05 trillion with a share price of IDR 6,450 per sheet. In fact, there is its stock price plummeting to IDR 2,310 per sheet from the previous IDR 3,650 at the end of the year 2015.

“Telkom Shares are indeed most widely recommended analysts throughout the telecommunications sector to 2016. This year is still recommended. In the telecommunications sector, shares of Telkom no opponent “said Aldrin.

It was, according to him, not in spite of the positive market perception towards Telkom, in particular from the financial performance. Therefore, according to him, along with other bluechips, stocks Telkom will be the mainstay for JCI towards.

“In General, this year this year shares of Telkom will be more chased investors, both foreign and local. Telkom’s shares will be actively traded, “he said.

Meanwhile, Lukman Elhakiem Syamlan, CEO of Trader Friends, stock field startup adds, TLKM performance measurement can be done by referring to similar issuers, JCI shares as well as shares including bluechip stocks. … (Red)

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