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18 January: the Dollar Index Turned Strengthened the Rupiah weakened

The exchange rate of the rupiah weakened on trading closed today, Wednesday (18/1/2017).

The rupiah closed depreciates 14 points or 0.11% to Idr 13.347 per u.s. dollar, after trading at Idr 13.309 range – Idr 13.348 per u.s. dollar.

Early this morning, the rupiah strengthened opened 9 points or 0.07% to as low as Idr 13.324 per u.s. dollar.

Trading on Tuesday (17/1), the rupiah closed rose 29 points or 0.22% to Idr 13.333 per u.s. dollar.

The rupiah had been in the green zone since the beginning until the end of session 1 day trading is in line with the weakening of the US dollar index.

However, the dollar index turns higher pressing the rupiah finally forced to turn weakened.

The US dollar index that records the movement of the dollar against other major currencies tracked strengthened 0.26% or 0.26 points to the 100.59 level at 15 GMT.

As for the currencies in Southeast Asia observed majority weakened. Singapore dollar weakening 0.39%, down 0.07% Thailand baht, Philippine peso down 0.23%, while Malaysia ringgit strengthened 0.41%…(Red)

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